Silver Springs
Silver Springs

Welcome to Silver Springs

Welcome to Silver Springs, a paranormal reverse harem small town!

About Silver Springs

Silver Springs is a fictional paranormal small town! You can discover the many amazing books set in Silver Springs here:

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What members are saying....

“I love the fact that it’s very interactive."

“I like the clean, simple interface, and how everything is organized."

“I’ve chatted with a couple of authors on Facebook, but it’s nothing like here... Here it feels like we’re friends."

“I like that all the pages are readily accessible."

A Big Thanks

To keep our little town a happy and good neighborhood, we have a couple of rules that all residents must abide by, but don’t worry we’re not instilling a curfew.

1. Keep things friendly. We want to avoid any forms of harassment, bullying or inappropriate behavior. If you feel uncomfortable because of someone else’s comments within this community, please DM one of the admins so they can handle the issue for you.

2. Be kind and treat everyone with respect. We want Silver Springs to be a happy town with happy residents.

3. If something upsets you speak to an admin.

4. No self promotions. Let’s try to keep things focused on Silver Springs as much as possible.

5. Please do not request free books. This includes Amazon lending, which is intended to be used among friends and family, not in official reader groups. You may share free books and giveaways only if they were made available by the author.

6. No sharing of epubs or torrent sites. We don't want to accidentally share any viruses or encourage book piracy.

7. If you are a member of the ARC team, or an alpha or beta reader for one (or more) of the authors, do not share spoilers in this chat. You are welcome to talk about the books after release but try and keep it spoiler free. Pre-release keep what you know to yourself.

8. Most of all, we just want you to have fun, chatting amongst yourselves while receiving updates about all the awesomeness we have planned for the residents of Silver Springs.

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